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Glossary Of Terms

Agent: The AiP Defense agent is a small piece of software that is installed on the servers you want to protect.

Blacklist: The list of IP’s that are being blocked. For an IP to be on the blacklist it must have been reported to the cloud control panel by the agent, or manually added by the customer or admin. When a customer manually adds a black IP, the IP will only be on the blacklist distributed to that customer. This is also the case when an agent reports the black IP. When an admin manually adds a black IP it will be distributed to all customers (all agents).

Cloud Control Panel: The cloud control panel is the portal that allows customers to centrally manage their account. Some features include black and whitelist management, and some aspects of agent management.

Greylist: The greylist only appears on the agent, effectively an IP will be listed as grey after it has been blocked on the agent at least once.

Whitelist: The whitelist can only be managed in the cloud control panel. Customers or admin’s may manually add white IP’s. An IP listed as white will not be blocked by AiP Defense.

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