AiP Defense uses process automation to keep your servers and network secure!

Easy Install

You can be setup and running AiP Defense on your servers in less than 5 minutes.


Our software is priced so that ANY organization can afford to be secure


AiP Defense process automation is the perfect compliment to any IT department.


It only takes a few minutes to setup but will work even when you are not.

Why AiP Defense?

With the increasing and constant threats to network and information security, it is imperative that systems administrators and engineers implement security protocol(s) and tools to create a safeguard from malicious activity. With open source hacking tools available to anyone, most attempts to penetrate a network or server are automated, persistent and somewhat random.

Essentially a gap exists between edge security and endpoint security.

Many common threats such as ransomware spread through hacked RDP connections. AiP Defense has proven to cut off that attack vector.  Additionally, in the post COVID 19 world, remote work forces are important. Network administrators do not always have the luxury of being able to limit network traffic by IP or VPN tunnel. Software firewalls and threat intelligence are more important than ever 

Future threats will help evolve hacking technologies by providing a more accurate, predictive mechanism of hacking and cracking passwords that won’t necessarily rely on probability alone. 

Hang On To Your Helmet

Our Process Automation will react to potential threats faster than any human could.

IT Departments face a long list of challenges from personnel reductions, tight budgets, rising costs, increasing security risks. As varied as they are, however, those challenges all point to one fundamental security imperative – improve efficiency.


How Does AiP Defense Work?

AiP Defense works by monitoring common ports ( such as FTP, SMTP, RDP, SQL, HTTP, HTTPs ). Invalid / failed login attempts are logged. Once the maximum number of invalid attempts is reached by a single IP, that IP is blocked. AiP Defense automates the process of creating firewall rules to block and unblock IP’s. The AiP cloud control panel compiles a master list of whitelisted, greylisted, and blacklisted IP’s from your agents. Agents communicate with each other to share threat information, and decide what IP’s should be blocked by AiP Defense. Analytics collected and compiled globally and individually help to identify malicious IP’s as well. In addition to those foundational functions, AiP Defense uses a proprietary threat detection engine.

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AiP Defense is a great fit for the small business IT department.


MSP’s will love AiP Defense it’s centrally managed, reasonably priced and will help you generate additional recurring revenue.

Enterprise IT

Scalable, flexible, automated network security.

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Made for Everyone

AiP Defense is an affordable IDS / IPS host-based software that can be afforded and implemented by any organization. Our intelligent automated security is easy to use, it only takes 5 minutes to secure your network with AiP Defense. Cyber security for MSP’s, small business IT departments and enterprise class environments alike.

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$ 69
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  • Free 30-day trial
  • Exclusive MSP Pricing
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  • Free setup
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  • Unlimited Agents

What Clients Say

Matt Logan
Matt Logan
Avaren Founder | Fort Worth IT Support
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AiP Defense is a great tool to protect exposed RDP and other servers. AiP is both affordable and effective. AiP Defense is an important part of the solutions stack at our Fort Worth IT Support firm.
Jayson Patterson
Jayson Patterson
CyberSecurity Professional
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Tremendous cyber-security software to protect remote desktop and terminal servers. We started blocking malicious IP's less than 30 minutes after install!
William Buffett
William Buffett
VP | Family Wealth VC Fund
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Great people, great vision. AiP Defense is making the internet safer and creating tools to combat cyber threats. True innovators providing cost effective cybersecurity tools for MSP's.